The Art of Doing Nothing

Doing nothing calms the soul. Doing nothing creates peace. Doing nothing helps create meaningful action. Doing nothing lets you start your something. Doing nothing isn’t easy. We all want to be productive and get stuff done, so we consume ourselves with being busy. Meetings, emails, phone calls, text messages, instant messaging, commuting, and multitasking have […]

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How to Make Every Day a Travel Day

We travel to see things, places, people, and ourselves with new eyes. Travel gives us fresh perspective and deeper gratitude for the world we live in. And we cannot get enough of travel because we fall back in love with life every time we go. We live to travel. Every day we live is a […]

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What Matters Most About Being a Father

As a father, you have a lot of pressure. You’ve got to pay the bills and still be available for your kids. After a hard day of work, you need to have another boost of energy to be there for your kids. And in this job as a father, you never get any days off. […]

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How to Make Your Time Meaningful

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about time. I’ve been obsessed with it. Perhaps it has to do with returning back from a half year sabbatical when most of the days traveling felt as if they stretched for fifty hours in each day. Now having returned from that trip and back in Silicon Valley, the […]

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What I Learned From Five Months of Travel

Five months of extended, slow travel taught me valuable life lessons that I never could have learned from a one week vacation or a weekend getaway. Once I got past the initial lure of traveling to new places (including Guatemala, Taiwan, Australia, and Ethiopia), seeing new things, and doing different activities, the time spent traveling […]

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Travel Lessons: Find Your Way, With a Little Help

“How do you know the way?” the Ethiopian tour guide cheerily asked us. He had poked his head into the open window, as our hired van backed away from the ticket booth for the Blue Nile Falls sightseeing area. My friend and I exchanged glances and all I could do was shrug my shoulders. What […]

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Ethiopia – Top 12 Photos of Our Trip

This is a photo blog post of my two-week trip with a long-time friend through Ethiopia’s Historic Route of Lake Tana, Gonder, Lalibela, and Aksum. For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the best way to articulate my journey through Ethiopia. I am still struggling to find the right words to describe my […]

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Travel Lessons: Someday is Today

My kids and wife were asleep upstairs. Everyone in the Guatemala guesthouse was out for their late dinners. Downstairs I had the kitchen table all to myself, where I spread out my laptop, passports, and credit cards. After a couple of days of mapping out various scenarios, researching weather patterns, and comparing airplane ticket prices, […]

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The Dilemma of Vacationing Without Your Kids

Everything seemed to be setup perfectly…the kids were happily enrolled in preschool during the weekdays, both retired grandparents were healthy enough to take care of the kids, my wife and I had no work commitments, and we had enough mileage points to book free flights. So we decided to go all-in for twelve glorious, kid-free […]

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Travel Lessons: Time is the Only Currency

Dollar. Baht. Won. Yen. Renminbi. Cordoba. Peso. Euro. The world has a dizzying array of currencies. But the funny thing about money is that it’s only worth something when you are using it in that country. Baht is not accepted in Australia, and Australian dollars are not accepted in Thailand. These currencies allow you to […]

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Travel Lessons: Go Slowly

For the last two months or so, my biggest and most important tasks of each day have been to walk my daughters to preschool in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. This might be a routine thing for any father or mother in the USA to shuttle their kids to and from […]

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Travel Lessons: Every Day is a Gift

Bleary-eyed, dizzy and disoriented from an overnight ten hour flight, I walked and walked and walked the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. And then I stopped, sat down, and dozed asleep sitting upright on a bench in the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was 4pm in the afternoon on a mild day in May. Thirty minutes […]

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World Schooling – When Children Study Abroad

By Day 2 of our trip in Antigua, Guatemala, we had seen most of the town that we would be living in for the next four weeks. We had a dilemma: What in the world were we going to do in Antigua for the next 26 days with our kids? By fate and good fortune […]

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Travel Lessons: Less is More

In America, we’re taught to be consumers. We need new toys, more clothes, extra electronic devices, flashier cars, and bigger TVs. Bigger. Faster. More. We collect and build up this mountain of stuff that consumes our lives. This stuff that we worked so hard to attain eventually becomes burdens in our lives because of the […]

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Passion, Peace and Purpose

Words of Wisdom on a Fulfilling Life from Three Mentors Before we embarked on our journey around the world for our six-month sabbatical, I sought the advice of three people who I thought would have the answers to the questions I had. These men who I deeply respect and admire graciously shared some of their […]

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The Meaning of Death

As we prepared for bedtime one recent night, my four-year-old daughter, Emily, asked me a question that I was surprised to come from a such a young girl. She innocently and earnestly asked me, “Daddy, why do we have to die?”  At first, I was taken aback at her sudden interest in our mortality. What […]

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Travel with Airbnb: How to Find the Right Place

Finding a place for your family to stay abroad has never been easier now that Airbnb has listings for pretty much every corner of the world. We’ve been able to rent places on Airbnb in five different countries anywhere from one week to five weeks at a time. Each experience was very different and we […]

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Overcome Your Fears – Plunge Into Darkness

“Feel my ticket,” I murmured to my friend as we waited in line to get on the platform which hung over the top of the Stratosphere. We were 108 stories above the glowing lights of Las Vegas getting ready to jump out into the darkness. “Cliff, it’s almost disintegrated,” he said. “I know. Guess I […]

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The Value of a Cultural Sabbatical

I needed a break…a really long and fulfilling break, one that I’m calling a “cultural sabbatical”. I’m not talking about two days on the weekend at a local resort or two weeks at some exotic location. I’m talking about six months away from it all with me, my thoughts, my Mac, and my family. And […]

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Interview with Shirlene Lim, Family Traveler and Blogger

When I heard about another Asian family who is passionate about traveling and blogging about it, I knew I had to interview them…Meet Shirlene Lim who is the mother of a one-year old son, a working professional in tech, and a blogger on her and her husband’s travel site, Idelish (which has some great tips and […]

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