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Family Travel in Lisbon and Madrid

We ended our summer with a two-week trip to Lisbon, Portugal and Madrid, Spain. Both cities were great for family travel. Lisbon is a city that often gets overlooked on travel itineraries in Europe, but we liked Lisbon for it’s laid-back vibe and historical charm. It reminded us of San Francisco in a lot of ways […]

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FAQs About Our Summer Travels in Europe

We’re finally home…sort of. We’re back in Hangzhou, China, staying with the girls’ grandparents. Things are feeling settled now. We can relax, eat home-cooked meals, and not be concerned about any trip logistics. Our stop here in China is a nice breather after a long, busy summer of traveling in Europe. Going through six countries […]

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Family Travel in Paris

We finally made it to Paris during our summer in Europe. Both Karen and I have always wanted to experience the city, see the sights, and find out what makes this city magical. After eight days in Paris, we’ve come away with a good feel for what this city is all about. After consistently ninety […]

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Family Travel in Barcelona

We loved living in Barcelona, Spain for five weeks this summer. Barcelona has been one of our most favorite cities that we’ve traveled together as a family. The mix of people, beaches, scenery, sightseeing, shopping, arts, and culture made our stay in the city a truly memorable one. When we first arrived in Barcelona, we […]

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Life in Barcelona, Spain

Life is good here in Barcelona, Spain. After about three weeks, we’re finally feeling settled in here. Our typical daily activities include buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids. As parents, things have really slowed down for us as the girls started their summer school last week. They’re in a local multilingual […]

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Family Travel in Italy

Italy was the first stop of our family travel through Europe this summer. We spent eighteen days traveling through the three most popular tourist destinations in Italy: Rome, Florence, and Venice. We loved everything about Italy including the weather, food, people, and culture. It’s difficult to sum up how our time was spent there, so […]

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Summer in Europe

We’re in Europe for the summer. It’s our first trip to Europe as a family…finally! We have never been to Europe before, so we’re excited to see some of this continent together. We’ll be traveling slowly over two-and-a-half months to make our way through six countries in Europe. Our itinerary includes stops in: 1. Italy: Rome, […]

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