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Why We Travel With Kids

Over the span of eighteen months of international travel in the past three years, we’ve traveled to eighteen countries on four different continents with our two daughters. In six of those countries, our daughters have attended local schools from one month to three months at a time. We’ve traveled with our kids, early and often.  […]

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Our Gap Year Recap

Our gap year is officially over. It wasn’t a full year as planned, but it was enough for us. We were all traveled out and ready to get back home. And now that we’re home, we’re happy to be here. In total, we traveled for more than 300 days through 10 countries. We weren’t really […]

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FAQs About Our Summer Travels in Europe

We’re finally home…sort of. We’re back in Hangzhou, China, staying with the girls’ grandparents. Things are feeling settled now. We can relax, eat home-cooked meals, and not be concerned about any trip logistics. Our stop here in China is a nice breather after a long, busy summer of traveling in Europe. Going through six countries […]

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