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5 Steps to Stop Bad Habits

Some bad habits will kill you, literally. Drug abuse, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption are a few of the lifestyle habits that can chop years off your life and create a lifetime of health problems. And there are habits that will slowly kill you in other ways. These bad habits include activities such as drinking […]

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Why We Travel With Kids

Over the span of eighteen months of international travel in the past three years, we’ve traveled to eighteen countries on four different continents with our two daughters. In six of those countries, our daughters have attended local schools from one month to three months at a time. We’ve traveled with our kids, early and often.  […]

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How to Finally Take Your Leap of Faith

Change is hard, but it’s necessary. Change is how you grow and become your most authentic self. But changing something in your life means stepping out of your comfort zones, confronting your limitations, and facing your fears. And that’s incredibly scary! Making meaningful change in your life requires taking that proverbial leap of faith. You […]

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