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6 Tips for Homeschooling Success

Homeschooling can seem like a daunting task at first because all the responsibility lies on your shoulders to get your kids educated. It’s especially tough since there isn’t a specific roadmap of how to best educate your kids. Despite all the challenges and sacrifices, I believe homeschooling is worth it, especially in your kids’ early […]

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4 Steps to Being a Present Parent

Being a present parent in a hyper-connected world isn’t easy. Everything is vying for our attention. Our time gets divided between phone calls, text messages, social media, emails, news, sports, and everything else that our smartphone has—which is practically everything nowadays. But when do we actually stop to focus on our children, who are right […]

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Why We Travel Slowly

We travel rather slowly, almost at a tortoise’s pace, as compared to others who squeeze in five European countries in a two-week vacation or four Central American countries in a ten day cruise. We’re not in the business of tour busing and picture taking. We’re traveling and living as slowly as possible in as many […]

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