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Kristin Addis is a Day Dreamer. She lives her dreams each and every day of her life with no excuses and no comparisons. A couple of years ago, she decided to leave behind her life in a cubicle for an adventurous life of travel that has taken her around the world. She’s been all over Asia and she’s recently hitchhiked her way through western China. Unbelievable.

She’s the author of her well-followed blog, Be My Travel Muse. She’s here today to help share some of her insights on becoming a real Day Dreamer.

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1. Your blog redesign looks great and it’s clear that your blog has been a labor of love over the last few years. Why did you start your blog? What have been some of the best unexpected benefits of writing your blog?

Thanks! I started the blog because I’ve always loved writing and I need a project in order to feel fulfilled. It’s been a great place not only to share my photos and stories but also so that if I am out of touch for a while, my friends and family still know what I’m up to. The biggest unexpected benefit is the outpouring of support I get. Sure, I hoped that someday I’d gain the kind of readership that resulted in nice comments and messages, but the incredibly uplifting emails and comments that I get on a daily basis are simply amazing. People tell me I’ve helped change their lives and that is something astonishing to me. I never realized I’d make that kind of difference for anyone. It’s humbling.

2. What was your motivation for traveling the world? And at what point did you make the decision to go after your dreams?

I’ve always wanted to for as long as I can remember. After four years of working in a cubicle I just knew I had to make a change.

3. What were some of the biggest fears you had before leaving on your journey? How did you overcome them?

I feared failure like I’m sure almost everyone else does before taking a leap of faith. I worried I’d come home broke with no job prospects. Now I realize that pessimism isn’t a trait of people who achieve goals. As soon as I was positive and knew deep in my heart that I wouldn’t let myself end up living in a box, and trusted that I could make a living doing what I love, which is writing, I could make it happen.

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4. How are you happier now with less income than you had as an investment banker?

I don’t spend nearly as much as I used to. I have fewer bills. Life is simplified.

Ever since de-complicating my life and possessing fewer things, I’ve realized how much easier it has been to enjoy every moment.

I make about 20% of the income I used to as an investment banker. It’s miniscule. It means I have to eat street food, stay in cheap countries, and take public transport to make ends meet. It also means I experience more local culture, eat better, and love and laugh more in my daily life.

5. What advice do you have for millennials who want to start living their dreams, but just don’t know how to make a breakthrough?

Trust yourself. Know that if you really want to achieve something and your heart is truly in it, you will do what you need to in order to make it happen. What’s the alternative? Working for someone else? Supporting his/her dream? Why him and not you? This is the time in your life to try the things that scare you and keep you up at night wishing and wanting.

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Kristin Addis is a former investment banker who sold all of her belongings and bid California goodbye in favor of traveling solo around the world, searching for off-the-beaten path adventures.  There’s almost nothing she won’t try and almost nowhere she won’t explore. You can find more of her musings at Be My Travel Muse. Connect with her on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, and Google+

About Day Dreamers

Day Dreamers are living their dreams each and every day. They aren’t daydreaming about a better life; they’re living their best lives today. And because they’re living their dreams, they are truly happy, content, and passionate about what they’re doing.

I’ll be interviewing people of different backgrounds with different experiences with the common thread that everyone is living their dreams, right now, with every fabric of their beings. You’ll learn about their stories and journeys to become a true Day Dreamer and how they continue to live life on purpose. And you’ll be inspired to take your life back into your own hands and start being a Day Dreamer yourself.

Cliff Hsia is a writer, husband, and father, who is determined to live a better than normal life by traveling the world, slowly and purposefully, with his wife and two young daughters. His writing has been featured on MSN, TODAY, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and other publications. He writes about travel, parenting, and lifestyle design.

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