Why Asians Need More Representation in Travel Media

I had an opportunity to speak on a panel titled “The Changing Faces of Family Travel” at the second annual Family Travel Association Summit in October. The FTA Summit was a gathering of the FTA’s more than 100 travel professionals and 50 media members, and inclusion and diversity were hot topics throughout the event. In […]

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Day Dreamer – Natalie Chen of My Wandering Family

Another Asian family traveling on a gap year and blogging about it is rare, so I had to interview Natalie Chen of My Wandering Family from Surrey, B.C., Canada. She’s traveling with her husband and two adorable daughters (ages 7 and 4) for a year of family adventures around the world. They’ve started out their year of wandering […]

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10 Tactics to Win the Mornings

If I can win the morning, I win the day. Mornings are the most important times of the day for me. My morning routines set the tone for the entire day. It’s what gets me out of bed at 5:15am every day. It’s what gets me in the gym by 6:30am every day. And it’s what […]

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Family Travel in Lisbon and Madrid

We ended our summer with a two-week trip to Lisbon, Portugal and Madrid, Spain. Both cities were great for family travel. Lisbon is a city that often gets overlooked on travel itineraries in Europe, but we liked Lisbon for it’s laid-back vibe and historical charm. It reminded us of San Francisco in a lot of ways […]

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12 Memorable Moments From 3 Years of Traveling

Collect more moments and less things. Easier said than done. It took some time for me to realize that life has more meaning when I’m collecting more moments and less things. After 30+ years, I finally simplified my life and started spending a disproportionate amount of my money on experiences rather than material possessions. Becoming […]

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Family Travel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With all eyes on Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics in August 2016, we decided to beat the rush and avoid the crowds by traveling there in June. We spent over a week in Rio and had a blast with our daughters. Our days were filled with time at the beach, lots of BBQ meat, and some […]

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How I Simplified My Life—for the Better

After my 30th birthday, I thought it was about time to finally purchase a new car for myself, and my family. So I did, and I did it in a big way. I walked into the Acura dealership, picked out my gray MDX, and signed the loan papers for an over $700 monthly payment for […]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Get Global Entry

It’s 5am and my Lyft driver has come to pick me up at my hotel in Atlanta. I have a 6:30am flight to catch. With boarding starting at 6am, I figure I can get to the airport in thirty minutes and get to the departure gate on time. Still bleary-eyed and exhausted from keeping up the […]

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7 Tips to Save Big Money on Airfare

The sobering reality of airfares is that everyone on the airplane has paid different prices. One person paid $500 for their roundtrip tickets from San Francisco to Shanghai, while you paid $1,500 for the same tickets. So how do you not become the person who paid 3x more for the same flights as the person […]

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5 Steps to Stop Bad Habits

Some bad habits will kill you, literally. Drug abuse, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption are a few of the lifestyle habits that can chop years off your life and create a lifetime of health problems. And there are habits that will slowly kill you in other ways. These bad habits include activities such as drinking […]

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