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5 Life Lessons From the Mission

I had the privilege of volunteering at the River of Life Mission once per week over the course of four weeks during my trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. The River of Life Mission helps those in need to rebuild their lives by providing meals, clothing, job training, and recovery programs. During my volunteer work, I helped prepare […]

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How to Stop Worrying

Worrying doesn’t have any benefits associated with it. You become anxious, nervous, fearful, jealous, and even shameful. You lose sleep over your worries, your health deteriorates, and you try to comfort yourself with anything that might offer an escape, such as food, alcohol, drugs, TV, etc. Your relationships suffer because you become easily irritable and […]

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The Meaning of Death

As we prepared for bedtime one recent night, my four-year-old daughter, Emily, asked me a question that I was surprised to come from a such a young girl. She innocently and earnestly asked me, “Daddy, why do we have to die?”  At first, I was taken aback at her sudden interest in our mortality. What […]

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