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Our Gap Year Recap

Our gap year is officially over. It wasn’t a full year as planned, but it was enough for us. We were all traveled out and ready to get back home. And now that we’re home, we’re happy to be here. In total, we traveled for more than 300 days through 10 countries. We weren’t really […]

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Life in Barcelona, Spain

Life is good here in Barcelona, Spain. After about three weeks, we’re finally feeling settled in here. Our typical daily activities include buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids. As parents, things have really slowed down for us as the girls started their summer school last week. They’re in a local multilingual […]

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Family Travel in Italy

Italy was the first stop of our family travel through Europe this summer. We spent eighteen days traveling through the three most popular tourist destinations in Italy: Rome, Florence, and Venice. We loved everything about Italy including the weather, food, people, and culture. It’s difficult to sum up how our time was spent there, so […]

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Our Gap Year Six Month Checkup

It’s raining outside, the thunder is booming, and we haven’t left our apartment in Florence today. It’s our last full day in this beautiful city, and we’ve chose to stay at home and enjoy a lazy Sunday together. And I’m okay with that. After six months of traveling with my family on our gap year, […]

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Adventures in Going Nowhere

We’ve been on our gap year for about three months now and have been to two places: Hawaii and Thailand. Two places in more than eighty days isn’t really remarkable on a gap year of world travel, but we prefer to travel slowly. More specifically, we like to find a spot we like and just […]

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20 Postcards From Hawaii

Sometimes words cannot quite capture the beauty of a place, the magic of moments, and the affinity one has towards a person’s hometown. For me, Hawaii is one of those places and our recent trip to the islands was an unforgettable one. So without further ado, I present 20 postcards from Hawaii: Spectacular Sunrises   Stunning […]

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