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How to Be Thankful for the Little Things

Tis the season to start being thankful for what you have whether it’s your health, wealth, family, friends, community, career, or anything that makes you happy. It’s also the start of the big holiday shopping season. Black Friday has turned into a weeklong event where there’s more time to get the biggest TVs, the newest […]

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The Home Within

Home is not an address, a destination, a city, or a country. Home is not the house you live in or the place that you are staying. Home is nothing physical. Home is a mindset in which you’re comfortable with yourself, wherever you are. My home has always been hard to identify, as I have […]

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How to Stop Worrying

Worrying doesn’t have any benefits associated with it. You become anxious, nervous, fearful, jealous, and even shameful. You lose sleep over your worries, your health deteriorates, and you try to comfort yourself with anything that might offer an escape, such as food, alcohol, drugs, TV, etc. Your relationships suffer because you become easily irritable and […]

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