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How to Exercise While Traveling

When you travel, exercise normally becomes one of your lowest priorities. You have limited time in a destination and you’ve got other things to do than exercise. If you’re traveling for leisure, you’ll want to go sightseeing, shopping, and eating. If you’re traveling for business, you’ll have meetings and social functions to attend. If you’re […]

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The Home Within

Home is not an address, a destination, a city, or a country. Home is not the house you live in or the place that you are staying. Home is nothing physical. Home is a mindset in which you’re comfortable with yourself, wherever you are. My home has always been hard to identify, as I have […]

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33 Life Lessons in 33 Years

Sometimes it’s important to stop, take a moment, and reflect on the lessons life has taught you over the years. I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned about dreams, fear, work, marriage, children, health, travel, and giving. Here are my 33 life lessons in 33 years: On Dreams 1. Someday is today. Deferring […]

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Why We Travel Slowly

We travel rather slowly, almost at a tortoise’s pace, as compared to others who squeeze in five European countries in a two-week vacation or four Central American countries in a ten day cruise. We’re not in the business of tour busing and picture taking. We’re traveling and living as slowly as possible in as many […]

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Why We Travel: Anticipation and Arrival

Tickets booked, accommodations set, and plans taking shape…nothing beats the anticipation of travel. It’s the feeling of knowing you’re going somewhere new and exhilarating, but you cannot quite pinpoint what will unfold, who you’ll meet, or where you’ll eat. It’s the awakening of the senses (sight, smell, sounds) that you don’t get at home doing […]

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